Zero Day Engineering Learning System


We make no-nonsense professional trainings and masterclasses that teach you how to actually discover previously unknown security bugs in popular and hardened systems, participate in security bounty programs and hacking competitions.

Our trainings are designed to transmit a huge amount of knowledge that you'd normally obtain in 10+ years of self-informed research, in a matter of days and hours. They are always up to date and informed of the latest developments on the topic.

All the trainings are created and taught by a professional vulnerability researcher, successful security bounty hunter, and winner of advanced zero day hacking competitions.

All our trainings are deep technical and hands-on, and represent the latest state-of-the-art knowledge in the subject area. Training materials are based on our own independent reverse-engineering and vulnerability research work, while including all the important public knowledge on the subject for completeness. Training classes are available in several formats: live and self-paced, public and private, and various package options. A Zero Day Engineering certificate is issued upon each Core training completion. Core trainings are classical 2/4-day trainings that cover the subject area comprehensively and systematically. Masterclasses are approximately four hours long, and deep diving into one specialized topic each. Refer to the specific training description for further details and booking options. Reviews from our students

Core trainings

Deep systematical knowledge that will be essential 10 years from now as it was essential 10 years ago. In addition to generic abstract models that are timeless by nature, and a comprehensive discussion of technologies with a historical awareness, training materials also embrace all the recent advances in the subject area, and case studies of new bugs. Full 2-4-day trainings.

Nightly masterclass

Series of ultra-specialized deep-dives into a particular topic within a broad subject area. In contrast to Core trainings that contain a comprehensive study of an expansive and complex topic, masterclasses are narrowly focused, and intended primarily to extend an existing knowledge base. Each masterclass is a 4-hour intensive theory & practice experience.

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