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State-of-the-art low-level security research, reverse engineering, system internals, and exploit development knowledge

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Hi, my name is Alisa Esage. I am an independent security researcher and binary hacker. This is my project. I do research and teach trainings. You are welcome!


In the field of computer security, zero day engineering stands for the process of research and development of cutting edge offensive technologies that bypass all the defenses, by design.

We like to indulge in the complex, dynamic, and highly adversarial nature of challenges in this space, while sharing the knowledge and insights collected in the process in an ethically neutral way.


What I do

State-of-the-art zero day vulnerability and low-level security research, reverse engineering, and exploit development

Independent research

Cutting edge deep technical offensive security research is always a priority and the primary source of the expertise, knowledge, and insights offered in our products. >>

Specialized training

With professional security researchers being the core audience of our trainings, we take it a step further to adjust the content of our trainings for arbitrary technical audiences, from beginners to seasoned experts, from e-sports players to professional white-hat hackers, and from software engineers to CTO. >>

Consulting services

Tap into multi-decades practical experience of a leading offensive security researcher to build safer systems, better offensive strategies, and solve your technical challenges trivially. >>


Zero Day Engineering
for beginners

The world's only comprehensive training course on low-level hacking and security research, created by a Pwn2Own-qualified vulnerability researcher with over two decades of professional experience.

Details and booking >>

Get Started

Learn the basic concepts and skills needed to reverse-engineer binary software and firmware, find bugs in code, fuzz programs and write exploits. >>

Best Choice

We first explore the subject at such depth where there is no distinction yet between operating systems, software implementations, and programming languages. We then proceed to apply that universal knowledge in practice to very specific technical case studies that are both modern and impactful. >>

Have Fun & Profit

We'll mix fundamental theoretical concepts and background knowledge with practical exercises and labs that teach you essential skills in multiple high-value specializations, while challenging you to learn more, participate in bug bounty programs and competitions. >>



Event Type Length Topic Timezone Date & Time Venue Availability
Cybersecurity Essentials training TBA online waitlist
Zero Day Engineering training 4 days Vulnerability Research & Exploit Development Europe & Asia June 26-29th 2023, 09-17 UTC online registration open
Hypervisor Vulnerability Research training 4 days Virtualization Security Europe & Asia July 24-27th, 2023, 09-17 UTC online registration open
Advanced Hypervisor Exploitation training 4 days Virtualization Security Europe & Asia August 28-31st, 2023, 09-17 UTC online registration open

Notes: 1. The schedule is optimized for desktop website. 2. The schedule is not final, and may be changed at our discretion.


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